It has been six months since 2pure launched its digital aWorkbook catalogue to the trade. We speak to three aWorkbook users to see how their reps and retailers have got on with their aWorkbook experience.

Mark Downie / Senior Brand Manager

How has aWorkbook been received amongst your retail customers?
“Any initial resistance to change amongst reps and retailers just disappears when they begin to see that the aWorkbook app supports the usual processes of product selection but just makes it much simpler and quicker.”

What benefits to the 2pure business have you seen? 
“aWorkbook is so much more than a digital version of our catalogue because of the additional functions it has to create a personalised custom assortment for a customer. Our objective of planning retailer ranges more effectively, saving time on paperwork and admin has been more than achieved.”

“What we have done with aWorkbook is to allow our sales department and customers to have access to all the information they need in one place that lets them use it in the best possible way. One key feature I like as a Brand Manager is that we can be selling a current season line up, and pre-selling the next season range at the same time and being able to clearly identify carry through and new lines.

Another key feature is the ability to define your own filtering and selection criteria for your product mix. The issue with a paper catalogue is that this is set in stone at the point of printing making in season changes expensive. We have the ability to highlight products, collections and suggested orders with amazing flexibility and really help a retailer understand the right products to be looking at within a range. For example, we have Compressport set up in the workbook in a variety of ways; we have a Core collection, a Trail Running specialist collection, and a Bike collection. I can change these at any time I like and all users are updated.

Building on this, a sales person who identifies an assortment that they know works well for a dealer can share this with any user internally or externally to 2pure. This gives us an ability to work collaboratively in a way that speeds up the sales process and makes things way more efficient than ever before.

aWorkbook also permits a user to automatically save and record all their work with no thought required. Maintaining all records in one place means they always have access and don’t have to find files on dropbox or on their computer. Essentially, it becomes the only tool we need in addition to our CRM system.

A noteable benefit we have noticed is that we have some real structure to how we ensure product is presented and explained in sales calls. We know the sales team are selling in best practice methodology and we can monitor and gauge success – the same is true for buyers. With our guidance and the way we have set up the products, they are able to work through ranges correctly and buy clever. If we find out things need to be changed… then we change them in an instant as part of our annual content management licence.”

Andrew Cullen / Internal Cycle Accounts Manager

How has aWorkbook benefitted your role?
“aWorkbook has made it easy to view and search for product, making it very easy to see the whole range of a brand without much effort.”

What are your three favourite aWorkbook features?

  • Assortment feature, gives you an easy to view visual representation of a proposed range
  • The option to export to multiple formats including a PDF with headings
  • Access to further product and brand information, i.e. brand presentations

Oliver Coxhead / Key Account Manager

How has aWorkbook benefitted your role?
“It allows me to have a single location where all product information is stored, that will work happily online and off-line. As it can be updated remotely, it ensures the Sales Team is armed with the latest information when meeting customers. In addition, this information can be easily manipulated, adjusted and shared with our customer base. The ability to build and save Customer specific range plans and product assortments; and then export them to either pdf or excel plans and share them with the customer or colleagues quickly is not only a huge time saver, but the quality and consistency of the information being shared is industry leading.”

What are your three favourite aWorkbook features?

  • The ability to hold additional brand resources in the background that are always accessible
  • The ability to build range plans across Brand and product groups and to export and share these easily
  • The ability to work remotely and still have all the information to hand

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