We are pleased to announce the introduction of Simplified Chinese as an alternative language within version 8 of the aWorkbook application.

We have already seen an uptake from our current customers for digital catalogues in Simplified Chinese to support their reps, distributors and customers in Asia. Not surprising as China is to become the World’s largest retail market, even with the current slowdown. Retail sales in China will reach more than $5.6 trillion in 2019, about $100 billion more than in the United States.

End users that have already installed Version 8 of aWorkbook on their devices can now switch to Simplified Chinese quickly to get the best from the application. Navigation, assortments, searches and outputs from aWorkbook will be in Simplified Chinese and, once selected, this will be available whether on or offline.

If you would like to discuss the option of a Simplified Chinese aWorkbook digital catalogue, contact us below.

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