We’re dressed differently!
Our user interface has been updated to work seamlessly on high resolution devices. Crisper imagery, smoother transitions and a lighter look, allowing your products to shine.

New ways to find your way around
We’ve moved all the navigation to the top of the screen, introduced a breadcrumb trail in ‘Products’, arrows to move forward and back through resource screens and added a great date order/search feature for Assortments and Orders.

Share assortments via email
Created an assortment on an iPad, but need to work on it from your laptop? Want to share an assortment with a colleague? Does your customer have a copy of aworkbook? Build an assortment and email it to them to load into their own catalogue.

Want your assortment to print out in the exact same order you selected the products?
Choose ‘No grouping applied’ and ‘As selected’ – great if you want to present a mix of products to tell a merchandising story.

Option to group products as a ‘family’
Added four colours of the same style to your assortment? You can now choose ‘Group by family’ to display all variants of the same product group together in the product information PDF. (No more repeated text!) Different features for each variant? No problem, the PDF will make that clear.

Lots of information on a product?
Select the ‘Continuation’ option and everything on the product screen will be included in the product information PDF. Combine ‘Group by Family’ and ‘Continuation’ for comprehensive product information to share with your customer.

Find the aWorkbook V5 stand-alone desktop release on our Software page. Tablet releases and V5 auto-updates (for existing users) coming soon…