Version 6 of the aWorkbook app is now live and available. It comes with a major new addition to the functionality – the aHub cloud based distribution system, which gives you many more options to provide custom catalogue views for different groups of users and customers.

What’s new in version 6

  • Customise which products are shown, price views and size ranges for a group
  • Define which of the aWorkbook functional tabs appear on the top navigation, with the option to either switch on or off both the Ordering and Presentation sections
  • A brand-new user registration and login system to aHub allows for aWorkbook catalogues to be assigned to users automatically via distribution groups.
  • And by popular demand you now have more options to display price on a product page.

What is aHub?

aHub is our innovative distribution system that enables catalogue content to be customised to handle the different business models and multi-tier relationships you have with your B2B customers. Some of our clients are already rolling out Catalogue Views to tailor content to meet differing needs of sales reps, key accounts and distributors.
As well as filtering the view of products, resource content can be tailored, order and presentation tabs can be hidden and size ranges aligned to regions. To find out more about the benefits of the new aHub functionality, read our article ‘The difference between print and digital workbooks’

aHub user profiles
There is also a ‘Profile’ button. This is for aHub users to access their account. If you are using aHub to distribute catalogues, then your user will be prompted to login in when they first run aWorkbook version 6. This will identify your user to aHub.
If you are using the original method to access catalogues, and you have a curious user who clicks on the profile and then registers with aHub – that’s fine, there’s no charge and it simply means they are ready when the time comes for them to access this system.

RRP displayed on product pages
If your catalogue includes ordering, the RRP now displays on the product screen, and changes automatically when you select a different price list. This has been a popular request among our clients and we are pleased to include it as part of this release.

User guide
The user guides are now accessible under the ‘?’ button. The aWorkbook User Guide is available to every user from the aWorkbook home screen. This means users can have immediate access to a full explanation and run down of each feature as and when they wish – enabling them to gain maximum advantage from aWorkbook.

Self-deploy customers
A new version of the Catalogue Creator has been released, 1.19.0, to coincide with aWorkbook version 6. This version is immediately available for both Windows and Mac users.

If you have any questions regarding aWorkbook and the new aHub features, please contact us.