Launching a B2B sales app

It’s sales conference time for all of us who work in seasonal footwear and apparel. For many brands, and new customers of ours, the first-time launch of a digital sales tool will be a welcome addition to the product stories and marketing initiatives that are the main focus of what’s new for the season. For some brand teams they will be wishing that they too had got around to launching a digital sell-in tool. Why? Because it makes sense and because, increasingly, not having one looks like being left out.

Ten years ago in 2006 Fashion Business International ran this story about the Interactive Product Guide for Timberland. That software, the pre-cursor for the aWorkbook app, was designed and built by me and my colleagues, and in partnership with a far-sighted customer at Timberland. It was a time when the latest in portable computing was a miniature USB memory stick and came just before Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad transformed personal and mobile computing.

Slowly but surely

Surprising as it may be, since 2006, the rate of adoption for digital catalogues and B2B sales tools amongst manufacturers, brands and distributors has not been as quick and widespread as you might think. There are good reasons for this, not least the fact that any new initiative that affects the sales process and the taking of orders needs to be got right. There is of course a natural resistance to change, but even where there’s a will, getting everyone aligned, carving out budget and getting to “go” is not a simple  process, especially in amongst the demands of other projects and competing calls on time and money.

Vendor as partner

Here at Hark we enjoy being part of our customer’s sales conferences where we very often attend to introduce their new aWorkbook for the season and provide guidance and training to users on how to work it. It’s a good opportunity to support the project delivery team and get the feedback from the people who will use it to support their sales efforts. And, at the other end of the process, when the business case is being discussed, we also like to get involved in sharing our knowledge and experience to help inform and guide your decision making.

Learn more with a personal demo

That’s why I recommend you contact us for a demo and find out “How do sales reps use aWorkbook day-to-day?” It’s a distillation of ten years of learning from our customers to see what works and why.

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