The digital revolution is one of the great mega trends, and will shape the world in the 21st century. In a recent PWC annual CEO survey 81% of those questioned identified technological advances as the single most important challenge for businesses to address.

Digital technology is already having a major impact on the way companies operate. The winners of the future will be those organisations that exploit the potential of digital to transform both what they do, and how they do it – they will constantly find new ways to engage with their customers, and keep the products and services they offer exciting and relevant; and they will owe their success to the speed of their decision-making, the empowerment of their employees, and the trust they earn.

aWorkbook is the go-to-market digital catalogue solution for wholesale markets and is a program designed and written entirely in the UK by Hark Solutions. The Hark mission has always been to create software that supports and enables changes to the way people and processes work. In this article published in Textiles, some of the context and challenges of technological change are addressed.