Ducati is a brand we all know and often regard as one of the best motorcycle producers in the business. Consistently producing top-end machines and technology, maintaining in-house communications and streamlining processes are essential to keep the company pushing forward. So how do Ducati achieve this? Tablet software.

What Ducati have done is created a sales app that allows their sales network access to one universal platform which contains up to date information, pricing, availability and more. No more time wasting, filing, using out of date information and huge print costs. Dealers also have access to picture libraries, branded media and the ability to build custom bikes with their customers quickly and easily using the custom configurator inside the app. This data can then be sent to the customer, other dealers and also to the factory for assembly. Makes sense doesn’t it? A global platform that is always up to date, easy to use and also saves you time and money.

RetailDive have further reading on how Ducati use iPads in their business. If you think you can benefit from a multi-platform catalogue & sales app, visit our homepage and see if we can help you streamline your processes and get to market quicker.