Dear web visitors – humans, bots and spiders,

Sweden is on our mind because we are just back from the first European Outdoor Summit, where aWorkbook was an industry partner. It was an excellent event and a first time visit to Sweden for us. We heard some interesting presentations on the future from Kairos Future and also from Johan Ronnestam.

Earlier in the month in Stockholm a British scientist shared the Physics Nobel prize for an idea he came up with 5O years ago – the theory of the Higgs Boson which was finally discovered in 2012 using the large hadron collider at CERN. Stunning.

Human ingenuity and imagination really is a marvel and while not quite on a Nobel prize winning level, the new version 4.5 of aWorkbook represents an achievement we are really proud of. It’s nearly two years to the day since we had version 1.0 approved by the Apple App store and every three months since then we have launched major updates. The credit for this goes to the aWorkbook technical team here in Crewkerne who consistently deliver robust answers to the requests from our customers.

Tablet devices are now main stream but still the adoption amongst sales people is slower than we would have predicted. Much of our time is spent helping people work through the business case and the process change. Recently we have been well supported by our customers who are willing to speak about how they have found the aWorkbook solution to be successful for them.

So in our own small way with aWorkbook we are contributing to the advance of human knowledge and understanding. And helping important items of clothing and footwear be better understood and sold! Imagine another fifty years of change …. now that really is a different world, where Google goggles will have evolved to chips in the skin reading thought waves. Almost as crazy an idea as the mobile internet.

Until the next time…