With cycling and triathlon season well under way, it would appear every man and woman are on their bike. We see bike enthusiasts travelling to and from work, and every weekend there is a bike event happening locally. This raises a question – are there more cyclists now than a few years ago?

Upon investigation, the National Travel Survey 2016 states that since 2002 the average cycling miles per person per year has increased by 37%.

The Active People Survey based on people aged 16+ in England (2014/15) suggest:

How Often? % Number of People (aged 16+)
At least 5 times a week 3 1.3 million
At least once a week 9 4 million
At least once a month 15 6.6 million

Cyclicing UK – CTC 2016. (2016). Cycling UK’s Cycling Statistics

With so many people taking to the roads with their bicycles the cycling industry has been booming – in just 2016 alone the UK bike sales amounted to £1.28 billion1. With greater awareness on keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, along with greater concerns for the environment, people’s mindsets are changing and resulting in cycling becoming an important industry to the UK. With over 8 million active known cyclists, the potential for cycling retailers is vast, but how can you stand out from the other thousands of retailers that stock bicycles, cycling equipment and apparel? How can you get your large share of the £1.28 billion?

Selling to your specific market is key, and having the right tools to support you in this sales process is vital. Hark Solutions take pride in being able to supply you with aWorkbook, a managed application that can fully support the B2B sales process and allow you to effectively sell in to your clients and manage your products.

aWorkbook is typically chosen by businesses who want to improve wholesale channel management, support sales teams with digital tools, and save money on samples, print and showroom costs. It helps sales reps focus the customer on what’s right for them, delivers better service with customised catalogues, deepens the sales conversation, saves time with ready made presentations and captures orders quickly. It can be used anywhere as it runs without the internet!

The tool is designed to support sales conversations and is particularly strong in communicating marketing and the brand stories of your products, ensuring that customers know your points of difference.  It helps you be more efficient, save on sample and print costs by allowing product data, presentations and resources to be conveniently accessed from your iPad, Android device, or desktop.

Our client base is primarily in the Outdoor and Sports, Apparel and Footwear markets and our clients include 2Pure, Helly Hansen Workwear, Craft, Björn Borg, Mizuno, and Berghaus to name a few. aWorkbook is used by sales teams to present to retailers and dealers, but also used by those customers to explore the range, build buys and if required, place orders.


The 2pure aWorkbook is our constantly updated product guide providing dealers and reps with a flexible order review and buying tool. It allows personalised ranges to be planned more effectively based on filtered views of collections and categories with super-useful Excel and PDF outputs.

Mark Downie, 2pure

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aWorkbook will be attending both the Eurobike trade show and The Cycle Show this year and would welcome the opportunity to meet you there and discuss how our number one multi-platform sales presentation and order writing app can assist your company in your B2B sales process. Let’s see how aWorkbook can support you in obtaining your share of the £1.28 billion UK cycling market.

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