It’s no secret that the B2B buying process is increasing in complexity. Reps must have the right tools to increase sales effectiveness and win at each stage of the sell-in process. Digitalizing the sales process provides business with opportunities to beat the competition and close more deals. Here are 5 ways digital can be used to increase sales effectiveness.

1. Speed up the order writing process

The writing and the processing of a manual order takes a long time. There’s the writing, sending, inputting and fulfilment. There’s also risk the that the order could be written incorrectly leading to customer frustration and warehouse confusion.

Digitalizing this process is a sure-fire way to increase sales effectiveness. Provide your reps with a tablet or laptop and an appropriate app and they’ll be able to take orders instantly. Better yet, some apps will connect directly to an ERP or order taking system making the process of order taking and fulfilment smoother and quicker than ever. You’ll also see a huge reduction in order writing errors too!

2. Meet the exact requirements of your customers

Of course, you have a general idea of what products or lines your customer is likely to buy. The problem is, you spend half the meeting flicking through a 100+ page catalogue to find them. An incredibly inefficient process.

Enter an e-catalogue app. An app like aWorkbook allows you to create bespoke catalogues for each one of your customers. The advantage is that you get more time to spend having a conversation with your customer rather than trying to find products. And, as you’ve picked products and supplied a catalogue tailored to their store, it also shows your customer that you understand their business.

3. Present only the latest marketing and brand stories

At the beginning of the season, marketing supplies you with important collateral to help support the sale. However, by mid-season you’ve run out of hand outs and some of the marketing materials have become out of date.

Using digital assets ensures that you’re always going to have access to marketing materials throughout the season either on your tablet or laptop. Similarly, if marketing wants to update the information then it’s very easy to quickly update an e-catalogue app which means you’ll have it downloaded and available in seconds.

4. Always have accurate and up to date product information

Increasing sales effectiveness is about winning at each stage of the buying process. Not being able to share accurate information with your customer isn’t good for anyone.  If you’re selling from a printed catalogue, then you’ll know the frustration caused by product deletions and product changes. There’s no way to update or remove this information without doing another print run which is costly and timely.

Digitalizing your product information means that it can be updated instantly and quickly should any changes need to be made. It gives your customer confidence that they are only seeing the products they can order and the correct information. A catalogue with crossed out products not only looks bad – it’s unprofessional.

5. Accelerate the go-to-market process

Delays in catalogue printing and sample manufacture can have huge impacts on your go-to-market times. There’s little point in trying to sell to a retailer who’s already committed spend to another supplier.

Implementing a digital solution is one way to overcome this and accelerate your go-to-market process. Companies such as Browzwear help business reduce their reliance on samples by creating 3D product imagery. Include these images in your e-catalogue and you can halve your go-to-market time. Selling to retailers before your competitors is just one way to increase your sales effectiveness.

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