Project Description

aWorkbook eBook

“aWorkbook supports the delivery of up-to-date, accurate product information and a consistent brand experience.”

Accurate and complete product information is a vital component in the B2B selling process. How can buyers be expected to make an informed decision about the products you’re selling without it? Technical product info, pictures and descriptions are all important elements and should be used to full effect during the sales process.

In this eBook we share the experience of Melissa, a global marketing and brand manager for an apparel and footwear brand. She describes how she uses our aWorkbook B2B sales app to support her day-to-day and seasonal marketing activities, deliver brand consistency across multiple regions and support the brands sales reps to help achieve bigger sales.

“aWorkbook is so much more than a digital version of our catalogue because of the additional functions it has to create a personalised custom assortment for a customer. Our objective of planning retailer ranges more effectively, saving time on paperwork and admin has been more than achieved.”

You will learn how our aWorkbook B2B sales app supports:

  • Supplying accurate and up-to-date product information to sales reps
  • Delivering brand consistency across all channels
  • Updating product information easily and quickly, even mid-season
  • Sharing marketing or customer centric product ranges and marketing materials
  • Saving money on printed catalogue and sample costs

Marketing Manager Melissa eBook