Project Description

aWorkbook eBook

“aWorkbook supports the sales process in many situations such as customer meetings, showroom visits and at trade shows.”

A recent survey of manufacturers and distributors revealed order writing inefficiencies as their number one challenge. It’s fair to say that many brands experience this problem too. It’s therefore crucial that reps have the right tools available to capture an order when with a customer.

In this eBook we share the experience of Sam, a sales rep for a global apparel and footwear brand. He describes how he uses our aWorkbook B2B sales app to support his day-to-day sales activities, maximise sales opportunities, increase his productivity and deliver greater value to his customers.

“As it can be updated remotely, it ensures the Sales Team is armed with the latest information when meeting customers. In addition, this information can be easily manipulated, adjusted and shared with our customer base.”

You will learn how our aWorkbook B2B sales app supports:

  • Increased sales rep productivity
  • More efficient customer meetings
  • Customer showroom visits
  • Exhibiting at a trade show
  • Capturing orders
  • Tailoring assortments

Sales Rep Sam eBook