Getting Started with aWorkbook

Let’s do it!

“I found them very open and forward thinking and they were always willing to give us a helping hand. They were really into making it work for me.”

Getting Started with aWorkbook Couldn’t be Simpler

Adding the aWorkbook app to your existing sales processes couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to our easy integration and professional data services, your first aWorkbook e-catalogue could be live in as little as 6 weeks. We offer two options to get you started:

We do it

A managed service where we do all the preparation and processing for you which means you don’t get the extra work or need to get help in. It will cost you more than doing it yourself but we are fast, accurate and it’s unbeatable value. Our professional data services ensure an efficient delivery.

We share it

We build the first catalogue, and then hand over to you for ongoing management and updates. You save time on the launch and save money on the updates and next season’s changes. A perfect mix of getting it done in good time combined with a handover only when you are ready, and with the baseline data already set-up.

What is aWorkbook pricing based on?

We have a number of options based on how your needs fit with the system and how you expect to use aWorkbook. For example, how many catalogues do you need and what different views on the catalogue are required by your reps and dealers? Once we’ve had a chance to talk, we can recommend the best mix for your needs and company, no matter how big or small.

email us for pricing

“I am pleased to say that the accuracy and efficiency this brings to the sales teams and retail buyers has played it’s part in delivering record first half sales growth across the EMEA golf business in 2017. We publish a rep and retailer version of our digital aWorkbook and this gives greater visibility to our match winning products and makes the selection and ordering simpler, more accurate and quicker for everyone involved”

Rob Jackson, Head Of Golf EMEA

Our Professional Data Services Make Us Stand out from the Crowd

The aWorkbook system is a better way to create product catalogues, keep information up to date and do new things not possible with print. Our Data Services make things simple by organising your content and publishing it onto a branded, digital app. Talk to one of our digital consultants about including this service in your aWorkbook quote.

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