Mizuno have had a great 2017 so far with their new range of MP golf clubs helping them achieve record sales for April to September. With Mizuno gaining momentum out on tour, this has also caught the attention of the retail market and reflects the recent sales growth. Bringing new products into the range can be tough, but gaining product visibility can be even harder. The Mizuno EMEA Golf team praise aWorkbook for helping them easily showcase products to buyers and gain greater visibility across the range.

“It’s four years since Mizuno Golf launched their digital assortment selection and ordering tool using the aWorkbook platform, and I am pleased to say that the accuracy and efficiency this brings to the sales teams and retail buyers has played it’s part in delivering record first half sales growth across the EMEA golf business in 2017. We publish a rep and retailer version of our digital aWorkbook and this gives greater visibility to our match winning products and makes the selection and ordering simpler, more accurate and quicker for everyone involved”

Rob Jackson, Head of Golf EMEA

Mizuno Deutschland are also keen aWorkbook users and our dedicated team here at Hark have been managing their catalogues for a few seasons now. The intuitive nature of aWorkbook has allowed their sales reps to easily pick up and present their range to buyers. Nina Massem says:

“aWorkbook is a great tool for us to present our products and the associated marketing activities in an attractive and modern way. It is easy to use for our sales force and retailers and the service from Hark Solutions is outstanding!”

Nina Massem, Digital Marketing

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