We recently read an article published by ISPO about No-line commerce and thought it would be useful to share in case you missed it.

The latest ISPO article on No-line commerce makes great sense because, at the same time as being progressive and explaining the evolution of Omnichannel to No-line commerce, it identifies the basis for successful digital trading as intelligent data management.

Emotionally the creation, selling and buying of clothing, footwear and equipment is an exciting activity for all of us. Excitement comes easily when we’re mesmerised by the magic of a personalised product emerging from a 3D printer or immersed in the other-worldly experience of an augmented or virtual reality headset.

But when digitalization means process change and innovating the IT ecosystem this can feel very dry, abstract and technical. The prospect of selling more is exciting though and thinking intelligently about data management is essential to this because traditional ordering behaviour is changing at all stages of the wholesale, distribution and retail chain. Digitalization is both driving and enabling this.

It’s good advice to keep it simple by evolving existing processes, introducing new but proven standard technologies and connecting them together. This approach means small manufacturers and mid-sized companies need not struggle with the know-how to digitally position themselves and gain the advantages.

You can read the full article here: https://www.ispo.com/en/markets/no-line-commerce-and-key-digital-trends-2018