Manage your product catalogue and take orders using our aWorkbook catalogue management software. Create a catalogue using our digital catalogue software and showcase products to customers in our aWorkbook app on tablet, laptop or PC. Reps can also take orders while on the road. For more information request an online aWorkbook demo.

Effective Product Catalogue Management

Typically, your main product catalogue contains the full product range with standard pricing and product information. For businesses selling to multiple retailers and into different markets this ‘one-size fits all’ approach does not align with the changing needs of B2B buyers.

aWorkbook allows you to manage your product catalogue more effectively by building product assortments for different customer types. The new custom catalogue views feature in aworkbook V6.7.1 supports the management and segmentation of your product offer, allowing an aWorkbook catalogue to be created for a specific country, market or individual retailer.

The result is a digital catalogue containing tailored pricing and product information and bespoke product ranges.

In addition to creating a custom catalogue, aWorkbook’s features can be tailored for each user type. Full functionality allows reps to access the product, resources, presentation, assortment and order features. However these can be hidden if a catalogue is being given to a retailer who only needs to see the product and order section.

Print Catalogues vs Digital Catalogue Software

After creating your custom catalogues you must consider distribution to different users and customers. As a digital catalogue, distribution is significantly cheaper with a much lower environmental impact than creating and distributing print catalogues.

Digital catalogues allow for better product mangement and segmentation. aWorkbook allows you to assign users to different distribution groups which dictates the information they see in the catalogue. Each distribution group has a set number of catalogues that each user within the group can access.

For example, you may have a catalogue that is only for the UK market. You only want your UK reps to access this catalogue, so you add them to the UK catalogue distribution group. This catalogue can now only be accessed by your UK reps and not reps from other countries or regions.

User Management with aHub

Thanks to our innovative new aHub distribution system, users can now log in to individual profiles and join one or more distribution groups. Once part of a group, users have access to all the catalogues allocated to that distribution group.

Our aWorkbook cataloge management software will save you money on delivery and printing costs vs printed catalogues and will dramatically reduce the time it takes for your reps and customers to get access to your tailored product offering.

What else is new with aWorkbook 6.7.1?

Our aHub enabled aWorkbook with custom catalogue views is providing our customers with ever greater ways of interacting with their customers and providing a great user experience to match. That’s why, along with custom catalogue views, we’ve increased the features aWorkbook has to offer. Some of the new features in version 6.7.1 include:

  • More filter options to offer greater customisation of catalogue content for each view.  Presentations, template assortments and assortment filters can all be tailored for each Catalogue View.
  • Both RRP and WHS pricing can now be displayed for each Catalogue View –  even if a catalogue doesn’t include Ordering
  • Out of stock items can now be removed automatically – perfect for available to sell or clearance catalogues
  • Option to remove tables from product information PDF

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