Norwegian outdoor apparel brand Skogstad have launched their SS19 range using the new version 7 of the aWorkbook B2B e-catalogue and sales app.

Sales and Marketing Director for Skogstad, Mike Emery, said “The buyers were amazed and were quick to say how professional and helpful this service is for them. The Head Buyer says she feels like we are almost a totally different company.” The version 7 release of the aWorkbook e-catalogue and sales app features orders in the cloud, allowing reps and dealers to collaborate and share product assortments and orders using the aWorkbook app.

Instant Benefits

With many outdoor apparel brands only just thinking about the impact of digitalization on their industry Skogstad are leading the way. For their SS19 collection, Skogstad said no to paper workbooks and manual processes in favour of going digital with the leading B2B e-catalogue and sales app aWorkbook. The benefits have been realised by Skogstad instantly.

Mike Emery reported instant benefits:

“Today I had a meeting with a buying team to present the SS19 collection. At the end of the meeting I was able to give them an excel file with the products they have chosen, pictures and a PDF file. This usually would take me 2 hours or so. It took me 1 minute.”

Another member of the Skogstad sales team stated that the new tool would “increase my same day sales exponentially!”

This is just one area that the digital solution has had a big impact on improving Skogstad’s go-to-market processes.

With the help of Hark Solutions data team, Skogstad had their first aWorkbook e-catalogue live in under 8 weeks, dispelling the myth that all digital projects are complicated and expensive. Where custom build solutions require large budgets and complicated integrations, off the shelf solutions like aWorkbook offer the same level of functionality and flexibility without the stress and long timelines.

Improved Customer Meetings

It’s not just internally that Skogstad are noticing the benefits of the switch either. Mike Emery goes on to say:

“The buyers were amazed and were quick to say how professional and helpful this service is for them. We have saved them a lot of time and energy as well because the images of the products are in the files. The Head Buyer says she feels like we are almost a totally different company than we were in 2013 when we signed the contract with them.”

The customer followed up the meeting with this message

“Thanks for a good meeting. As always, too many nice products. I’m really impressed by your new computer tools. So easy to find colors and styles and fast as well.  I got all the pictures and information on e-mail even before I had left your building. Remarkable. Must be great for everyone at Skogstad to work this way!”

As the buzz around digital transformation in the outdoor industry grows, Skogstad’s structured and considered approach to digitalization has enabled them to achieve a significant digital milestone.

Speaking after the implementation, Mike had this to say about the customer service, training and support from Hark:

“You were prepared. You explained clearly. You were patient and, most importantly, by the time you left, the team felt comfortable with the digital workbook. I have been nothing but impressed with the way Hark Solutions have gone about being a supplier to Skogstad.”

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