How to better manage multi-tier relationships between sales reps and customers

Have you thought about how to personalise your workbooks to handle the different business models and multi-tier relationships you have with your B2B customers? The aWorkbook sales app with aHub enablement gives you many more options to provide custom catalogue views for all your important groups of users and customers.

Digital workbooks can do new things not possible with print and one catalogue version of the range really does not fit all of people’s needs. A custom mix of product, price and language combined with different functional requirements is an everyday reality for customers who use aWorkbook.

Say goodbye to the expense and frustration of printing a glossy B2B workbook and give people what they want – accurate and customisable information. In the example below the International catalogue is in English combined with alternative catalogue views based on who and where you are, and showing only the products, prices and functions people need to see.

aWorkbook with aHub enablement

The key new feature of aHub enablement is the option for customising content with Catalogue Views. This includes creating variations to the products shown, pricing and even size ranges for a group. A Catalogue View can also define which of the aWorkbook functional tabs appear on the top navigation, with the option to either switch on or off both the Ordering and Presentation sections.

So, for example, a localised rep catalogue, with the Presentation and Order section available, could be customised with a filtered product selection and price. The equivalent dealer view on the catalogue options would not show the Order or Presentation section and could have a specific RRP shown on the product page (Region 1).

The combination of custom Catalogue Views with the introduction of individual user registration and log-ins to the aWorkbook platform means your users become part of one or more Distribution Groups, allowing you to control the catalogues they see and the content within.

By defining the Catalogue Views available to your Distribution Groups you can deliver the different product offerings required for managing multi-tier rep relationships with customers. The Distribution Groups start being useful when users register and log in using their email address. Users can be allocated to groups using their existing MS Windows credentials; by individual email address or by providing a joining key/reference. Using either method, users will control their own password (so no admin burden there!).

Using the aWorkbook Catalogue View option you can take control of which of the aWorkbook Functional Tabs appear:

aWorkbook with aHub enablement – 5 reasons why the best just got better

  • Unique options to provide custom catalogue views for the different kinds of user.
  • Multiplatform and offline access means there are minimal barriers to widespread adoption.
  • Built to handle the different business models and multi-tier rep relationships with customers.
  • Supports current workflow and systems so you can evolve and get the value quicker
  • Priced so you can add many more users at no extra cost.
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