A B2B E-Catalogue & Sales App

Unique features to plan custom assortments,
present product and range stories and take orders

A detailed, up-to-date catalogue

E-catalogue with browse, search, filter, product selection and notes capture options.

aWorkbook digital resource library

A digital resource library

Link products to collection and range stories in pictures, video and PDF. Maintain an up-to-date library of digital assets.

aWorkbook presentation tool

A powerful presentation tool

Fully customisable template presentations combining product pages and brand stories.

aWorkbook assortment builder

An intuitive assortment builder

Create custom product selections and output to PDF and Excel. Copy, save, amend and share orders via the cloud.

aWorkbook order taking tool

A quick order taking tool

Choice of size range and pricing, stock/inventory feed and online integration.

aWorkbook integration

Flexible and easily integrated

Simple set-up and connection to existing processes and systems. You do it or we do it.


Always up to date means information is accurate and current
Hi-res product images with multiple views including 360’s
Unlimited customisable categories and product descriptions
Product availability and stock levels with instant order grid
Grouping of product families and upsell links to related items
Show collection icons and link to videos and PDFs
Take notes on the page and output to Excel

Resources and Presentations

See thumbnail of products in a collection or story next to the asset
Link from icons on the product screen to related resources
Build strong collaboration between product and supporting collection or story
Support better and more tailored presentations to buyers
Provide template presentations for a guided route through
Eliminate PowerPoint decks and build assortments as you present

Assortment and Range Planning

Show only the products relevant to a customer
Powerful filtering options for custom catalogue creation
Template assortments for reps to work from, edit and save
Share and merge custom assortments between devices
Export assortment lists as Excel/CSV or PDF files
Convert assortments to orders with instant order grid

Mobile Order Writing

Quick order entry on customisable size/variant grid
Multiple price lists options with variable discount
Display of dates when product is available to order
Show stock/inventory position as a live feed
Integrate with existing order processing systems
Manage order across different drop dates

How aWorkbook compares – Our advantage

aWorkbook advantage


Unique options to provide custom catalogue views for the different kinds of user and customer.
Multiplatform and combined offline access means there are minimal barriers to widespread adoption.
Fully featured and flexible with functions built to handle multi-tier rep relationships with customers.
Supports current workflow and systems so you can evolve and get the value quicker.
Priced so you can add many more users at no extra cost.
Comes with “best vendor ever” support and training.
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Complex set-up with detailed server configuration, expensive consultancy and slow to value.
Require changes that many sales processes and people are not ready for.
One size fits all with no flexibility, endless products lists and limited app connectivity.
Cannot present and take orders without an iPad, web browser and internet connection.
Scaling up will cost too much and make it not viable.
Customer support is sacrificed to volume targets.

Work in sales, marketing or range planning?

The aWorkbook app can be used to support multiple stages of the go-to-market process from range planning through to order taking.

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