aWorkbook product selection & order taking app

A Powerful App that Supports Multiple Functions

aWorkbook is a flexible and powerful product selection & order taking app used by brands and distributors to accelerate go-to-market processes and empower their product, sales and customer service teams in the B2B channel. The aWorkbook app supports several functions at different stages of the go-to-market process from range planning and order taking, through to inventory re-ordering, customer service and stock clearance.

Product Teams

Use aWorkbook to innovate your supply chain and support your product team with global range segmentation. Use 3D images and 360 views to visualise ranges.


Halve your go-to-market time

Marketing Teams

Marketing use aWorkbook to supply reps with accurate, up to date product information and marketing materials ensuring a cohesive and consistent brand experience.


Saving on your sample and print costs

Sales Teams

Sales teams use aWorkbook to deliver tailored product presentations in sales meetings, build product assortments for customers and take orders on their tablet or laptop.


Increase in rep efficiency at meetings

See the value our clients get from using the aWorkbook app

Country Managers

It helps me on multiple occasions, customers really like it, it’s a very professional and efficient way of interacting.

Distributors & Dealers

“We use it for presentations and taking orders, it reduces our sample costs; dealers use it to make their own selections.”

Account Managers

“The service to our dealers is much better because they can see styles relevant only to them with no misunderstandings.”

Sales Executives

“What I really like about it is the detail, the level of specification and pricing that I can put into the assortment for the customer.”

Operations Managers

“It makes it really easy for us in customer operations to process the order in a very short time.”

Sales Managers

“The most useful bit I find is the imagery available when its uploaded regularly, especially when samples aren’t available.”

“aWorkbook is so much more than a digital version of our catalogue because of the additional functions it has to create a personalised custom assortment for a customer. Our objective of planning retailer ranges more effectively, saving time on paperwork and admin has been more than achieved”

Mark Downie, 2pure

“Speedo has been working with Hark Solutions now for two years and it has been a great journey. Their availability, support and flexibility has really been key to a great professional relationship“

Sabine Chassagne, Speedo

Getting Started with aWorkbook Couldn’t be Simpler

Find out more about adding aWorkbook to your existing sales channels and how we support every step of the integration process.

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